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How Many of You Have Photographed the Northern Lights? What is Your Favorite Image?

Leading Creator

I am currently in Iceland with fellow Artisan Gary Hart leading two Iceland Photo Tours this month. We have spent the past two evenings photographing Northern Lights. Here is one from last night. Processed on my small 13" MacBook Pro - can't wait to get it home onto a larger screen. Please share your favorite Aurora image! This was captured with the new Sony a7RV!

Northern Lights Night 2.jpg



Prime Creator

Don, that is a beautiful photo of the aurora lights! I would love to have another chance to take one again. I went to Iceland 4 years ago during November and the rain clouds covered the sky 6 out of the 7 days I was there...the last day was a pretty weak aurora 😢

Prime Creator

In all honesty don, repeated subject deters me from shooting them. I'll try to shoot them one day, only to say I did. But I would like to shoot the Southern Lights and try to get the galaxy core in the same shot if possible. We rarely see shot from the southern hemisphere, so I want to capture those forgotten subjects.

Southern lights would be epic! I've seen some taken from Tasmania and they look epic!

I plan to go further south. The plan is to shoot everything New Zealand has to offer, and then fly to the south pole to shoot there. It's a big trip and it's far away, that why it's not that high on my bucket list.