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How Much Importance is Capturing and Image vs Processing an Image in Landscape Phgotography?

Leading Creator

I switched out of sports photography to 100% landscape photography about 5 years ago. With sports I shot mainly JPEGS but with landscape, all RAW. I believe it is a 50%/50% mix in creating a compelling image when it comes to capture/processing a landscape image. What would be your breakdown on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Prime Creator

Oh man....I have to use raw most of the time now, only because I have to modulate the highlights and shadows and color in everything I do. I wish I could do more in camera, but I like backlit images. 🙂 

I hear you Caroline! Wish landscape was easier but it varies from image to image. Some I just need to do some minor adjustments in LR and others I am out to 20+ layers. I work a lot with masks in PS with the TK8 Panel

Prime Creator

I believe that would depend on the scene you shoot. The process would be exactly as you replayed to Caroline. I learned a great deal of post-processing landscapes from The Phlog and also started using the TK8 panel (where was this 10 years ago!). You could have any ratio of capture vs process, it would depend on when you would be satisfied with the result. There are some images that I came back to several times, and each time I go in a different path and take different efforts to reach what I like.

And I agree, sports is simpler. Yet printing a landscape shot is more wholesome.

You make good points LensBrew. With my landscapes I am trying to impart a certain feel to the images - I see the completed work in my mind then set out to accomplish it. I just believe, the better your processing skills the better chance you have of completing your vision.