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I Chose this Focus

Mover & Shaker

For some reason I was drawn to focus on the towers about a mile away as they stand looking over downtown like giants. Would you have followed that muse? Or would you have tightened the aperture, or maybe focused on the people? 

Downtown FM A7405987l3.jpeg


Key Contributor

My rule of thumb is that this was the affect you were going for then that's all that matters. We as artists are in charge of leading our viewer's eye. In this case, the eye will go directly to the building as studies have proven that we will lock onto sharp focus. So the big question before tripping the shutter for any scene is what are you trying to accomplish? Hope this helps. BTW - as a landscape photographer, it is very important that my foregrounds are sharp most of the time.

Prime Creator

I think this is a fun take on a busy scene! I like the energy here.