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Ideas for winter photography


Hi everyone! 

Since we are getting really close to the winter season I would like to collect some new ideas for winter photography. I´ll try and use the best ideas here and share the results with you guys so let the ideas flow!

Some background about me and my photography:

I´m a full time photographer and I´m based in Eastern Finland. We get around 60-70cm of snow and the temperatures drop down to -20 Celsius during wintertime. We also have only around 5hours of daylight during winter and a lot of beautiful nature.  Here´s few shots from the past winters I have taken.

This is from Lapland from a snowboard tripThis is from Lapland from a snowboard trip


Some skiing on a frozen lakeSome skiing on a frozen lake


This is from a day spent at Koli with a friendThis is from a day spent at Koli with a friend


This is from a day spent at Koli with a friendThis is from a day spent at Koli with a friend


Headlamp hikeHeadlamp hike



Prime Creator

I am always interested in how you all manage with so little light! I embrace candle light photography when it is dark and freezing here. We have very long winters and they are super cold, so I am always looking for ideas! You have a lot of snow, which is beautiful. It actually gets so cold here that it can't snow sometimes (-40F +). Snow is so wonderful for minimalistic images too. Please, keep sharing! 

Managing with low light can really be tough but it also forces us to appreciate even the small amounts of light we get! That´s freezing cold! Where are you based if I may ask? We only get around -35°C but usually its not quite that cold. Thank you for the compliments!

Prime Creator

Snow at night is always beautiful!

Yeah I agree! Might try to do more night photography this winter!