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If You Could Only Work With One Sony Camera Which One Would It Be And Why?

Key Contributor

Prime Creator

 Oh man!  That is HARD!  I don't have the A1 yet, but I actually was going to say one from the RX 10 series. It is so versatile and if I only could have one camera, I could at least get near and far images. My second would be the RX1RII, but my copy is sadly in need of a spa trip to Pro Support. 🙂 

If I could pick a full frame camera, it would be the A7R5, which is a beast. 

The RX 10 series is indeed awesome and I had used it for video. I have not had a chance to use the A7RV yet but have one on order - can't wait for it to arrive!

Leading Creator

A1 hands down. It is by far the best camera in every way (for nature and wildlife) that I’ve ever used. 

Key Contributor

I would have to agree with you Matt - but just got the notice that my a7RV is on the way - so will be fun to compare the two!