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If you could photography ONE person without limits, who would it be and how?

Prime Creator

Is there someone you've always wanted to photograph? Maybe someone you know, or maybe someone famous? Tell us who it is, why you want to photograph them, and HOW you would do it!!!


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I have always thought it would be awesome to photograph the Pope for a couple days at all his public appearances.  People are so overwhelmed by Francis and I think there would be a lot of emotion to capture.  It would also be amazing to go off with him for pizza as he secretly leaves Vatican City in his little Fiat!

Oh gosh that would be amazing! Such an expressive face and there is so much would get some incredible portraits, for sure! And 100% to the pizza!!

Prime Creator

Given the current circumstances, Aaron Judge hitting his 61 and 62 home run. The setting in the stadium is electric... Might be tonight !!

Fingers crossed!