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Is it possible for me to be a Sony ambassador on Instagram?


Hi. I am a photographer who specializes in portrait art and an influencer dealing with fashion and camera.

I kept applying for Sony Ambassador, but I couldn't. I would like to be sponsored by Sony Camera products and invited to an event. And I want to post the pictures I took on Sony Alpha Instagram. How can I?

I really want to become Sony's ambassador in 2023.

instagram : 

#photographer #junghyeon #instagram #ambassador #2023 #sonylove #sponsored 


Leading Creator

Hi. I don’t think you’re going to get many answers to this question because I don’t think we really know how to answer it. There isn’t anything any of us can say about becoming an ambassador, because I don’t think anyone actually set out to become one. 

But here are some thoughts…
- Post photos, and tag #SonyAlpha. Sony will see them and if they are outstanding maybe some one will take notice. But there are tens of thousands of great photographers out there. Great doesn’t cut it anymore. You’ve got to be exceptional, unique, and have something (besides just photos) to offer. 
- Write about your experiences on your website or other places online. Develop an audience and be ready to back that up with statistics. Having an audience for the brand to want to invest in you is an important part. 
Good luck!

Prime Creator

As Matt said, being as visible as possible helps. Also as he said, every ambassador is different, so their isn't one clear path.

Lastly it looks like you live in Korea? Sony Alpha cameras have different marketing groups for different parts of the world, so if you are in South Korea, take a look at what the programs are there. You might start here