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Kando-Canvo: Been to Kando in the past? What are the most important things you took away?

Rising Star

I am indeed fortunate to have been to all of the Kandos since Sony started putting them on.  Each one I walk away with, I try to discern something that I can really change or take away from the experience that will improve my life as a visual journalist and digital capture expert.  What are some of the things that you have come away from the Kando experience that have really helped you and changed your professional trajectory?

In my case, it's been my use of social media.  Kando 3.0 was the one that really helped me here.  I took every class on social media and one in particular was on how to tackle YouTube.  I made a lot of notes that I kept looking at over the following months, and I started to take my YouTube channel seriously.  I increased the quality of my videos by upping the production value of them and by making better and better notes BEFORE recording.  I began to understand the back end of YouTube, looking closely about information on who watches me, how long they stay interested, and by looking at the correlation between how often I post and how many subscribers sign up for my channel.  At Kando 3.0, I was sitting on just a thousand followers and at this moment, I'm getting close to 16,000.  Now, I'm no phenom out there on the net, but for a guy not so recently entered into the AARP Hall of Fame, I feel good about my channel's growth and where it's heading.  

Enough about me.  How has Kando positively affected your work and experience?


Leading Creator

That's awesome to hear how you've been so successful on YouTube because of the Kando experience. You've done a great job of staying consistent and putting out great content. Keep it up!!

thanks Drew!  

Prime Creator

For me it is the community and the motivation that come from attending Kando!

absolutely!!!  Sony = family