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Kando sunrise excursion to Little Redfish Lake

This morning’s sunrise was amazing! The climate was crisp, and the lake was calm, allowing for a layer of light fog and mirror-like reflections. Here’s a shot I got, but I’d love to see what others were able to capture.

Sony a1 | Sony 16-35mm f/4 G | 3 stop soft grad ND
23mm | f/11 | ISO 100 | 8 sec




Although the shuttle ride out felt like a sauna and we nearly baked back there, the sunrise view of this majestic landscape was worth every second of the early morning alarm and steamy drive. I was smiling ear to ear when the alpenglow showed up, lighting the peaks with stunning red colors. So gorgeous! Can’t wait to see yours and everyone else’s images- I know I got a few on my Alpha 1 that I’m excited about! 🙌🏼