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Last Lunar Eclipse Until 2025 Happens Tonight!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Tonight’s “blood moon” lunar eclipse is the last one we’ll get a chance to see and photograph until 2025, so get your camera ready and hope for clear skies. Use this thread to share your favorite lunar eclipse photo or video from tonight, or share any other images you made during previous eclipses to inspire the group. 

If you want a guide or some useful techniques for how to capture the lunar eclipse, check out the article below from Don Smith on Alpha Universe. It definitely gave me the confidence and inspiration to go out there tonight and try for myself.


Prime Creator

Looking forward to seeing what people share!

Leading Creator

Was super excited for it... until the clouds came in, haha

I was so hopeful the clouds would clear. I was able to capture the full moon but stayed up until 3 AM for the clouds  to cover right as the eclipse was starting. There is always 2025.