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Lens problem


hi! I have taken my a6600 with tamron 28-75mm lens on holiday but on arriving have found the lens is not recognised by the camera. I’ve not had this issue before. Have tried cleaning the little metal connections on the lens and resetting the camera with no luck. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a fix/can it be repaired? Any advice greatly appreciated! 😊



Prime Creator

Do you have any friends with a Sony camera? I would try the lens on another body and/or try another lens on yours and see if you can figure out if it is the lens or the camera. You might be able to go into a camera store and see if they will let you try?

Sadly not here and no camera stores nearby, I think I’ll just have to wait until I get home to try swapping lenses. Very frustrating. Thanks for your advice!

Good luck!

Thanks! Lens works on my a7iii, and my other lenses are not working on the a6600. Nothing obviously wrong with the pins so seems like it will need a service. Thanks again for your help.