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Prime Creator

I'm curious about licensing images. I have no experience or knowledge in this arena, but I do have some fine art images and I'd like to explore some options. Does anyone have some wisdom they can share? @CarolineJensen have you done this?


Prime Creator

I want to do this, but I’ve heard mixed reviews on it. I do better with stock, historically, but even that is waning right now. The hard part is it isn’t regulated, so the burden is on us to get a good representative. I think you're saying it would be best to work with an agent? Sorry if the question is dumb, I've literally not done ANYTHING like this 😊



Prime Creator

I find I do much better when I am able to directly license. The stock agencies all seem to have raced to the bottom, and everybody lost 

That makes sense. Is that something you do on your own? Or do you work with agent/representative?