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Long Lens Landscape Photography

Is anyone else out there shooting long-lens (telephoto) landscape photography? I dabble in it using my Sony 200-600mm lens to capture the intense, sometimes surreal perspective it creates. I usually shoot in silent-shutter mode (iso 100) to avoid shutter-shake movement during a long exposure.

What are your tips, tricks or deep secrets for long-lens landscapes? 





I haven’t done much with a telephoto lens except my 70-200, but I’m enjoying it and looking to get a 200-600 lens soon

Prime Creator

I'm not sure there is any trick to it. I love using the 100-400 to isolate the mountain from the foreground, and the light and clouds working in union with the mountain. It gives the mountain a majestic look, and the print is out of this world (figuratively).

Prime Creator

I just love long lens landscapes! The more intimate view is my favorite!

Leading Creator

Great work!! I absolutely love shooting long-lens landscapes. It's such a unique perspective and really allows you to see details you normally can't see with wide-angles. A solid tripod, sandbag/backpack for weight, and a shutter release cable make for the perfect combo! The 70-200GM II is my favorite to use (for sharpness, speed, and clarity). Keep up the wonderful work!