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Making a Case for the a7C being the best camera for Street Photography...

Rising Star

I make the case in this video for the a7C as being the best camera to do street photography with as well as showcase a few of my favorite lenses that I use regularly when shooting.  I love to walk around cities and even small towns shooting what I find.  Every trip out is a treasure hunt that almost always yields some gold.  What are your thoughts on the case I make for the a7C, and if you are using something else, let me know what it is 🙂

This video explains why the Sony a7C is the best camera for doing street photography as well as offers my favorite prime lenses and zooms. The a7C weighs just 1.1 lbs. with a card and battery installed and features a proper EVF, 24mp, 11 fps, and is a full-frame body that is smaller than many ...

Prime Creator

Thanks! I have wanted to learn more about this camera!