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Mini-review of the new FE24-70mm f/2.8GMII lens for wedding photography

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I just shot a wedding last weekend and wanted to share a few of the stills from it.  In particular, the new 24-70GMII lens is just fantastic.  I used to hate that lens because it was so heavy and bulky.  Sony changed all that with this little guy.  It is so completely versatile that I used it in many different ways, as a macro, for portraits, for the fleeting moments of people crying in happiness, and all day long it just produced for me.  There is a prime-like quality to all the images I make with it and while it doesn't have the same look as a faster prime, the images are all beyond tack sharp, even on my 33 and 50 mp bodies.

After using primes for the last 20 years to shoot weddings, I would not shoot a wedding without having the 24-70GMII close at hand.  It does everything I ask of it so well that it's actually changing my mind about zooms again.  What do you think of these images?  Do you see the quality I am describing?

70mm f/570mm f/570mm f/2.870mm f/2.824mm f/2.824mm f/2.835mm f/2.835mm f/2.824mm f/2.824mm f/2.835mm f/2.835mm f/2.848mm f/2.848mm f/2.840mm f/2.840mm f/2.870mm f/2.8 + 1.5X punch in70mm f/2.8 + 1.5X punch in24mm f/2.824mm f/2.835mm f/1.4GM closer35mm f/1.4GM closer

This last image I just had to include--it was shot with the 35mm f/1.4GM lens and it's my primary lens for the reception so I don't have to fool with a flash...


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Looks amazing, PM-R! It looks like a beautiful country wedding! 

they are all country weddings around here, LOL

Mover & Shaker

Great images.  Great quality and details. I just got one of these beauties.  It is a pleasure to use.

The overcast sky is most excellent!  Can you order that on demand?

I sent the Weather Channel my $100.  I guess the check cleared!