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Monitor problems on A7iii


Hi everyone kinda of a newbie, been using my a7iii for a year and a half now and still trying to understanding all the special features on the camera. I use all native lens to photograph outdoors so Wednesday i was taking pictures of some flowers outside on manuel mode and the image was totally dark on my monitor except in some areas. I was using a zoom Sony G 70-300 4.5-5.6 OSS lens that i purchased used from a dealer wich worked great for Moon shots. I switched to another Sony zoom lens and still had the same problem except when i took photos in Auto they turned out fine on the monitor, then switch back to manuel the monitor was dark again. I cycled threw the complicted menu and could not figure out how to get normal images on my monitor on manuel, camera was working fine before especially with the 70-300 lens. Does someone in the Alpha community know what is the problem? i would appreciate the Help. Thank You Goldman


Prime Creator

How are you dialing in your exposure in manual? Were your settings the same as the auto images that looked ok?