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My Personal Review of the new A7R5 :)

Prime Creator

Here are my thoughts on the new Sony A7R5! I got my hands on it a little early and was able to use it for some insects and general photos. I really see this as the 'accessibility' camera as it makes shooting easier for those with physical limitations that may bar them from photography otherwise. This is a camera I could use to teach anyone to shoot thoughtfully... and that is an amazing jump in technology that is so worth it! You can also hear how I was not as smart as the camera and my foibles with it initially. 😂



Leading Creator

That was great Caroline. You mentioned photographing cars and races and I think it’s really going to shine there. I’m dying to test it out with some birds. The a1 is so good, so it’s got big shoes to fill 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Matt! 

Prime Creator

I can't wait for mine to come next month!

Yes! Me too!