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New Creative Cloud Service and Creators App

Prime Creator

I believe a version of the newly announced Creative Cloud Service has been available for large customers, broadcast networks and production studios. Is anyone familiar with it? I look forward to replacing Imaging Edge with the Creators App, as Imaging Edge has always been a bit quirky and limited. The press release from Sony mentions that only two cameras will be ready for it at the moment, the Sony a7iv and ZV-1F. I am hoping the Sony a7rV and Sony a1 will be added to the list shortly. The Creators App will be well received by the Sony community.


Prime Creator

I saw this the other day and am a little confused too. I am creating content for a summer-long class and would love to be able to use this feature! 

Prime Creator

I honestly only heard of something like that for another brand. Is there a link to the announcement?

Thank you Caroline.

It looks interesting. It seems it will be doing a similar job of a couple of current apps (Image Edge and Tag&Transfer). I hope you are right @IraBlock, I gave up on that app a long time ago. I have some wishes for a workflow app, and if this creative cloud app would give me what I need, I could upgrade our process at the university newspaper.