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New Sony User - AR7VI Body - Focus Modes


Hi! I switched camera's brands recently to Sony. I have the AR7VI body. It's still an adjustment for me with the focus modes in in low light situations especially with multiple people it grabs the wrong person and often back focuses. Are tips? Thanks!


Prime Creator

I would consider using flexible spot focusing (or expanded flexible spot) and either the touchscreen or joy stick to select the person you want to focus on. In a group the camera has no way of knowing who your main subject is.

More info here

Rising Star

Which focus mode were you using? Grabbing the wrong people feels like you were using "Zone" or Face Priority is "ON" and the camera is automatically selecting a well position face in the group.

You should select "Flexible Spot"

This should help you:


welcome to the 7rV family.

how many rows of people are you shooting and how low of light?  I've found that on the 7IV and 7rV you can crank up to around 2000 ISO before introducing serious noise.  A flash in low light ALWAYS helps.  Even a 46rm on top bounced or diffused can capture beautiful shots.

If you're finding it has a hard time focusing, just change it to flexible spot and use the joystick.

Setting up custom buttons to be able to toggle back and forth between subject type, eye focus, drive, and all the other features you want to prioritize have really helped.