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New to video? Try timelapse photography first - it's the best of both worlds!!

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One of the biggest hurdles for people learning video is being apprehensive about adding motion to their still images. Video is super easy to do and one of the best ways to take your still work to the next level. Video allows you to anticipate movement, capture action, and really hone your compositional setups.  


If you're scared of learning the differences between resolutions, frames per second, picture profiles, and color spaces then timelapse might be perfect for you! Timelapse allows you to create moving images without the hassle of knowing much about video. You can combine still images together inside of programs like Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, or Final Cut pro to create fun, impactful videos -- many of which can/will draw in more viewers for your social media accounts. 

I've never done a plantlapse before but here is my first attempt! I'm not even mad!

Have you tried to timelapse anything yet? If so what was the biggest challenge for you? 

Here's a fun guide I put together if you're interested in learning 🙂



Prime Creator

Always great timelapse suggestions from you @Drew_Geraci 

Thanks, Tony!

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Your tutorial was terrific and really cleared up any confusion I had about time lapse - thanks!