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New work - what are you working on?

Prime Creator

It's a new year and I'm excited to be trying some new things in 2023. I found myself with a pretty serious creative block last year, so it feels like I'm just waking up out of a fog! Has anyone else gone through that? Have any of you thought of specific ideas/projects you want to tackle this year?  Here's an image I photographed just before New Year's and I'm excited to see what else I can do along these's REALLY different than anything I currently do for my clients! 

Shot with my brand new #a7RV and FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM II (SEL2470GM2) 

Trichler--00704-ret-WEB AU tiny.jpg


Prime Creator

I'm working on honing my post processing and sports photography. I've just learned a new tip regarding basketball, and that is to sit on the right side of the basket facing the court. The majority of players are right handed, so this would be the best position to capture facial expression during a dunk.

The lesson I learned is some research into small things, that some people would dismiss as unnecessary overwork, can surprisingly help create better photos.

So true about research! Great job!

Thank you! Learning new things is always exciting, and seeing the outcome is so rewarding!

Prime Creator

This is gorgeous! I am in a weird place. My subjects have become very and waterfowl. That has left me a little lost over winter. That is ok though as I need this time to prep for the busy season ahead and to work through my backlog of images from last year. 

I am moving in a similar direction too. I usually shoot dark and moody, but I'm planning to have more color and lightness in my work this year.