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Next New Camera From Sony?

I wonder which Mirror-less camera will be updated next by Sony? Any ideas on the features? Will it be better than the Sony A7V that just came out?


Prime Creator

I don't believe we will see a new camera anytime soon, specifically the alpha line. The A7S3 came out a year and a half ago, A7C introduced a month after, and the rest were updated in 2021 and 2022. Each one is a great camera and doesn't need an upgrade anytime soon (unless they made mistakes like some others did), otherwise they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

Believe Sony will be focusing not on bodies, but on lenses and sensors. There are some lenses that the competition offers that Sony need to introduce to push itself further ahead, and I'm personally waiting for some of those to be developed (Like a 300mm f/2.8 or 85mm f/1.2). Additionally from what I've researched, there is a possibility that Sony will try to enter the medium format market. It's a lucrative market, especially that the competition is beyond the reach of consumers' wallets. Another possibility is the development of new types of sensors, this is more of Sony Semiconductor research than Sony Electronics.

This is an advice, not specifically to you PrismaticPhoto, but to anyone looking to get a new body. Waiting will not yield a satisfying purchase. The next camera might not come out for couple of years, and even then it might not have the features someone is hoping for. I believe the logical step is to get what is available that helps with one's work, or develop skills, and enjoy photography now.