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Odd Bokeh or other issue



I was trying out the #Alpha7RV.  I was using the #24-70mm G ver II.  I received this odd thing in the background and of some of my images.

I really would like to purchase the a7rV as it is an excellent camera.  But I am trying to figure out what this is.  Luckily I have Photoshop and can remove it pretty well.  But I can't have this happening in wedding and portrait images. 

Does anyone know what is happening here in some of my images?  I would really appreciate the help. 




Leading Creator

Hi CB - in the top image it looks as if you are getting a bit of sun flare on the models hair. I'm not seeing anything abnormal in the bottom frame. Can you elaborate a bit more? The bokah looks normal to me... Were you using the 24-70mm II with it's lens shade? I own the a7RV and love the camera.

Prime Creator

Hi! I counts see the images yesterday for some reason, but can now! The strange bokeh is typical of layered branches. I get this all the time in winter when trees are bare. It is just how they render as branches can be really busy in bokeh. 


Hi!  Thanks as I have never seen what I call ghosting in any of my images from my a9.  So it is new to me.  I really love the new Alpha 7r V.  The sunflare I have seen before for sure.  But the ghosting is new, reminds me of a vibration of some type.  Thanks for answering! 

Prime Creator

I see the issue you're talking about and I understand your frustration. I haven't used this lens yet, and I also never had this issue with any of my lens and bodies. But the pattern looks like Moiré. Usually cameras would have a filter to clear that, and some post-processing softwares can take care of it. It also would appear on an image if you zoom out and disappears when you zoom in.

But besides the explanations and to be on the safe side, try a controlled experiment. You the lens/body combo to recreate this "issue", try it again with different combos to see if it appears. Also, burrow the same lens/body and try the experiment. If it is only persistent on the original body/lens combo, that I suggest to contact Pro support. Otherwise, it is a normal optical rendering. Personally, this is the best way to ease my mind if I face any technical problems.