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On Average, How Many Times Do You Photograph Per Week?

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I just returned from a 23-day trip to Iceland to teach two back-to-back workshops with fellow Artisan Gary Hart. We were in the field for a total of 20 days photographing landscapes... how often do you get out with your camera and what is your favorite genre of photography?



Prime Creator

Mine is unfortunately almost once a week. But I hope this will not last forever once the current life chapter is over.

I'm enjoying sports right now, and would love to keep shooting sports in the future. Travel photography is probably the most common between photographers and it is second on my list.

But back to the 23 days in Iceland. I need to add that workshop to my bucket list.

You are getting out more than a lot of shooters. Sports does take practice. I started as a sports photographer back before any type of AF, thus, I made it a point to practice nearly every day. Regardless of what you enjoy shooting, workshops can be a huge help as you will see how a professional approaches his/her craft.


I love Iceland! Been there twice, but with my old canon I couldn't do nice pictures of northern lights, hopefully with new Sony camera I'll be able to picture them 🤗

I try to go out at least 2-3 times a week with my camera and do pictures of sunsets, landscape or wildlife, plus I do travel 3-4 times a year, so plenty of opportunities for nice pictures:) 

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2-3 times per week for landscape is awesome Pola. You don't mention which Sony you own but if you get fairly clean images at ISO 3200, you will do well at capturing northern lights. My favorite lens to use is the Sony 12-24mm f/2.8.