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Out of My Genre - Weddings

Star Member

I normally don't offer wedding photography. But, earlier this month I was invited to a photography class on lightning to help out another photographer friend (and learn a few things). These are some of the images I took from the course. 

Is there a photography genre that you normally don't shoot, but that you've  wanted to try? RoGinaMontgomeryWedding1.jpgRoGinaMontgomeryWedding2.jpgRoGinaMontgomeryWedding4.jpgRoGinaMontgomeryWedding3.jpg


Prime Creator

Well done! There are so many different types of photography to try, I think it is important to do a bunch to see what you like! 


Great work 👏🏽


and they're gorgeous photos! What type of photography do you normally shoot? stepping out is awesome.

1 of my friends who's a Nikon Master Shooter... credits in the NFL, CBS, NBC, and a whole bunch of others... we actually asked him to be the tertiary shooter at our wedding... and we like his shots more than the 5*Star wedding photographer that we hired!

I think you found another revenue stream for you!

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Great work getting out of your genre. I think it's really important to shoot and explore a range of subjects. I did a big BW Landscape project this year and am not a Landscape photographer. I enjoyed every minute of it.