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Personal Work

Prime Creator

As a busy working professional my time is eaten up not only doing photos but dealing with the business of my photography.  I try to find time to go out and shoot for myself, but my personal images are disjointed and very random. I have done some personal 'projects' that help me focus on a single topic and helps me create a body of work that is very cohesive.

That being said, the random images I take keep my photographic vision very sharp, and also keeps me nimble and very familiar with my gear. If i don't use my gear regularly I need time to get back in the rhythm of the connection between my hands and my vision. And of course I love using new equipment and personal photos are great way of getting accustomed to a new body or lens. How much time do you spend on shooting personal work?


Prime Creator

Not as much time as I should! I have several project ideas waiting for me to start...

Prime Creator

I try and do a personal project in the context of our studio business at least once a year. BUT...I am trying to shoot more personal FUN stuff just for me...NOT on my phone! We're doing a bit more traveling now so I'm hoping that will help! (That's why I was glad to read on my other post that you are happy using the Alpha 7C (a7C) !