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Photographing People on the Street

Prime Creator

I shoot a lot of people in natural situations when I travel. I know it's proper to ask for permission, however many times this ruins the moment. Instead of asking, I find that using your body language and reading your subjects body language is a quick way to get the 'go ahead' or not. This is also very helpful if there is a language barrier.

What techniques are you using??


Prime Creator

That is great advice. People are so much better before they have time to think, haha! 

Sometimes they think and they become angry at you!!😁

Prime Creator

I would shoot before asking. If interrupted, they get out of their focus zone and the feeling is lost. But I would do it without getting into their face or disrupt what they're doing. If they are too busy, I take the shot and move on. If not, I take the shot then show it to them. Many would be delighted to see themselves. I think Monica Sigmon had a discussion on her podcast, that images are more to acknowledge the existence of the person since they don't actually "see" themselves. And that's what I believe will get the reaction that I want to see after the view what you got.

That makes total sense, I too will show the photo to the subject and that helps a lot