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Prime Creator

What's everyone listening to? I'd love to see your favorites - photography or non-photography related! (Bonus points for true crime). Also, a shameless plug for the portrait photography podcast we launched last summer 😀



Photography related - Ive been enjoying the Outdoor Photography Podcast, F-stop Collaborate and Listen, Sony Alpha Photographers Podcast, Alpha Universe Podcast

True Crime - (I like landscape/travel photography and national parks) so Park Predator and National Park After Dark.

What about you?

Prime Creator

Ok, I am following. I have my own, but it has fallen by the wayside because of voice issues I was having, lol! 

Prime Creator

I've been listening to yours for a while now @monicasigmon . Everyone is very delightful and I'm learning different aspects of the job, whether it is soft skills with costumers or planning and designing.

I also follow Pierre T. Lambert, he interviews photographers and film makers on the life paths they've chosen that lead them to where they are. His podcasts are inspiring.

Non-photo: Huberman Lab by Dr. Andrew Huberman. He's a professor in Neuroscience at Stanford. He discusses everything related to human health, physical and mental, including substances; supplements; exercise; meditation; myths and more. I love that all his points and non-biased and based on scientific research.