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Polarizer Use?


A question about using a Polarizer: Do you have/use a different polarizer for each lens or do you utilize a step-up ring and use the same polarizer for each lens? For example, my 24-70mm uses an 82mm polarizer and my 100-400mm uses a 77mm. Step-up rings seem to be a bit of a hassle, but so would be carrying different size polarizer lenses. Thank you for your ideas!


Leading Creator

Hi. For me, step up rings are easier than trying to keep track of different sizes of the filters. 

Leading Creator

Step-up rings are probably your best bet OR you can use the Sensor clip-in filters and those work amazing too. No need to remove anything, you just leave the filter over your lens and have the ability to swap out any lens with ease. 

Prime Creator

There is a polarizer from HY Revo Ring that has a spring loaded mount that will fit many different sized lenses. Check it out

Prime Creator

For the lenses I use a lot, I have specific polarizers, for the others I use step up rings