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Prime Lenses

Prime Creator

Lately as a discipline I have been working as much as possible with Prime Lenses. Working with primes forces you to develop a style and look to your images. I love the 24mm 1.4 Gmaster and the 135mm 1.8 Gmaster, and I know it is quit a stretch from 24mm to 135mm, but I am doing my best to make it work. If you had two primes to work with, what would you choose?

#FE 24mm F1.4 GM (SEL24F14GM)  FE 135mm F1.8 GM (SEL135F18GM ) 


Prime Creator

Mine are the 35mm 1.4 and 135mm 1.8. I love what I get from those 2 and they're my main portrait and travel work horses. I don't have the additional field of view of the 24mm but it never bothers me, the 35mm gives me something that speaks to me. I agree its a stretch to 135mm, but I personally find what's in between doesn't add or give uniqueness to my images.

I'm hoping for the day Sony will introduce a 300mm, then I can go primes only for the rest of life. I think I have an obsession with 3's.


What do you love about the 24mm 1.4?  

I love working with the 50mm and the 35mm....