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Printing Work

Prime Creator

Hello Alpha Universe,

How often you print your work, and which printer you use?

I use Canon Pixma iX6820, to be honest it’s great printer and can do up to 13x19 and the aftermarket ink is very cheap.


Leading Creator

Hi Joey - I quit printing at home and have all my work printed via I was tired of wasting ink as I don't print all that often at home - spent more time blowing out the heads 🙂

Thank you Don, will check it out

Prime Creator

I print my images sparingly, so I still can't justify printing at home yet. I use the BayPhoto too. They are excellent, and have print profile you can use to gauge your colors before you send them to print.

Prime Creator

I used to print at home more, but like Don, I found that I wasted a lot of ink.