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Pro or Hobbyist? Perhaps, both? Share your story here!

Prime Creator

I know the line between pro/hobbyist can sometimes become a little blurred as the landscape of photography shifts under the weight of our ever-changing world. I know Covid forced many to pivot, me included! I have fluctuated between regularly selling images for stock to teaching and speaking about photography, which is a bit of a peripheral endevor.

Do you run a business making images? If so, what do you do? Do you also shoot for fun? 

Are you a happy hobbyist? What do you love to shoot? Have you ever thought of making it a business? 

Share your story below! 



Hello Caroline, i‘m a happy Hobbyist. I hadn‘t heard this Word before but is fits well. I loved Photography ever since my father gave me my first camera for my 15 birthday. However, i could not find a focal point, which i particulary like to photograph. I often read that if you warnt to be successful with your photos, you should focus  on one topic. But i can find beauty in so many places and situations. And if i have my Camera with me, it clicks.

you do what you feel best doing in any art form. If you are doing photography as a business you normally will specialize, but as a hobby you don't have those restrictions so you are wide open to make any choices as they come along.

Yes! I often advise people to have a concrete business lane, but never shut off the creative flow by honoring the other areas with fun shooting. 

I am an eclectic shooter too! I totally understand having a passion for everything!