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Protect Images from AI: Sharing Low Res Reels/Videos

Prime Creator

In this brave new world with AI generation (which I love, but am cautious about) I have become a little skittish about others taking my images and using the online URL as an image source for prompting. Just prompting my own name resulted in images crazy close to what I make!

I was mulling this over this weekend and decided my IG strategy should be sharing reels--videos on other platforms. That way I can add visual effects that make it more difficult for others to grab images. Thoughts? Would this work? Am I missing something? For what it's worth, I am having a blast inputting my own images into Midjourney to see what the AI world can do with them.

This is the Wild West of image creation right now. I am trying to create a plan for sharing and yet protecting my work moving forward.


Prime Creator

I have seen a few images of yours with the candle flames and it stopped me in my tracks! VERY cool!

In terms of videos vs. stills to prevent image theft, I think in theory it makes sense. I also think there are ways around it and that if people want it badly enough, they will figure out a way. (Hold to pause the video, then screenshot?)

Wild West is the perfect analogy....

Yes, it feels crazy out there right now! 

Key Contributor

I need to look into this AI stuff, I have been seeing it everywhere, if it can use my images for reference I would not be a happy camper. 

Prime Creator

AI has opened a new world - I don't know whether it is photography or not. I think of it more as illustration, the lines are crossing very quickly.!