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Protecting your equipment in the desert

Prime Creator

I just returned from a two week trip to Morocco. Working in the desert can be grueling on you and your equipment. It is important to protect your gear from the high heat and sand. Of course changing lenses leaves your cameras very vulnerable, which is why working with two bodies and two zoom lenses is a way of keeping sand and dirt off your sensor. I also will use 'rain' covers on my equipment if shooting during a sand storm. And in a world of wearing a masks, keeping a mask over your mouth and nose will protect your lungs; and if you are in a sandstorm, googles are critical so you can see. Any other suggestions ????


Prime Creator

Excellent advice! I also clean all the sand and dust off everything every night in the desert, it can get everywhere

It not only gets into your equipment, but my clothing was totally filled with sand upon my return

Prime Creator

Is there such a think as a pop up mini tent? I used to use a mini tent to change out film and load canisters for developing. I wonder if there is a little pop up option to change lenses in windy conditions. I need one as I have a TON of wind! 

It may work, bit the wind would create havoc on the tent,😲