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Question for those who sell prints.....

Prime Creator

Have you found any trending aesthetics that sell? I have been doing a lot of market research, with the hopes of creating prints that tap into current wall art trends. If you sell a lot of prints, have you noticed some work sells better than other work? I would love to hear about it! 


Prime Creator

I find the print market all over the place. I used to sell my prints for a good rate, but now there are many inexpensive prints on the market, especially the wall art market. You can sell for less money if you have an efficient system in place and if you can do some volume.


Agreed! The market is really all over the place, so I just do what I love, and hope that other people will too! sometimes it works out, other times... not so much 🙂

Yes, that is where I have been too. I will sell something at a premium and then the lull happens. It's so tricky! 

That is what I am looking for...emotional impulse buyers at scale. 🙂