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Hi folks just moved back to sony recently and not had much of a chance to get out but here on the moray coast in northern scotland we have seen some amazing sunsets.

I have just added a nice 20mm manual focus lens to the bag for those landscape astro and northern lights shots.

All the images are from findhorn bay and all photographed at 70mm using the 28-70mm kit lens.

Hope you are all well and stay safe out there.49EF74A6-FCCE-4D78-8128-2D6DF1B77A54.jpegEADE510B-7C69-4A3D-A8CE-F22DF4126245.jpeg9ACA1ACF-7D31-4AC2-B07A-044B0488B66F.jpeg


Prime Creator

Beautiful sunsets!

Thank you Tony we have had lots of dust from the sahara desert in the atmosphere and it usually makes our sunset and sunrise skies look like hen this happens it is very nice.

Sunrise photos vibrant colours thanks to the african dust in the atmosphere 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Loving the colors of these sunsets!