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Recently purchased new camera equipment, having difficulty making transition, need help


Sony RX 10 Mark IV Camera


Prime Creator

Can you be more specific on what you need help with? The RX10 IV is a great all around camera. I don't know what level of experience you have, but when in doubt put the dial on green auto and start there


good morning, thank you for responding,  enjoying a simple retirement life with intermediate skills using Canon and Nikon SLR's, primarily manual mode and editing software, I made the leap to the Sony RX10 MK 4 during late summer, with a sizeable investment I turned to you tube for help, ( ? ) my preference is to reach out to someone for hands on exercises that I can work thru using my camera on different applications, basic moving towards challenging, using laymen terms would be most helpful, there is no rush at my end to accomplish results, I have printed the entire manual with binder for reference, willing to compensate, look forward to your response, thanks

@BobKrist may be able to point you in the right direction

The RX10 IV is an incredibly versatile camera, and I use it on every job I have. I'm not a big fan of printed manuals, but have found a couple of great YouTube channels. Stuart James is a Brit who loves the camera and has many detailed rundowns of menus and such. 

I think your best bet is to mix your education between the camera specific lessons on YouTube with a more general interest photography how to. The exercises you need to grow as a photographer really aren't camera specific. Your growth will come as you study both the workings of your individual camera (the RX10 IV) and general photo concepts like light, composition, etc. There are wonderful photo courses to be found online...the Great Courses features classes taught by Nat. Geo photographers...these might be useful.