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Seeking Advice: I'm Hosting My First Workshop - Any Tips? Suggestions?


I've built (and sold out) my first ever workshop. It's geared toward women expanding into Sports Photography.  Any tips, suggestions, warnings, etc?  

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Leading Creator

Hi Kelly. Congrats on the workshop. One thing I always found really useful was about 2-3 weeks before the workshop, send out an email to everyone asking what their Top 3 Wishlist things are for the workshop. I write them down in a note on my phone, and refer back to it A LOT during the workshop. When I check off an item, I go to the person and just say something like “hey… so it looks like we checked off one of your wishlist items… how are you feeling about it and do you still have questions” or something like that. 
The other side benefit of asking them ahead of time is if some one gives you a wishlist item that just isn’t possible or not part of what you’re offering in the workshop. This way, you get ahead of it and set expectations before the workshop begins. Hope that helps! 

Adding to what Matt said, anything you can do to understand the expectations attendees have going in so you can either address and misconceptions or tweak things to give them what they want is good. I think the thing that most often goes wrong is people thinking the workshop/class/whatever is something different then what it is. 

Prime Creator

In addition to the great  advice above, I would suggest offering short and individual chats (15 minutes or so in private)  with each participant. Just make sure they aren’t feeling overwhelmed, bored, lonely, confused…all the things. It helps to head off any issues that might be missed. 


Amazing tips all around, thank you!