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Shooting the same scene with different cameras/lens


Hello, I have preference of shooting the same scenes but using different cameras/lens. Perhaps it's because I'm looking for a slightly different perspective or interpretation, but it's a habit I've picked up. 

Does anyone else practice photography this way? I'm not a pro and I still don't have a set pattern for successful outcomes. Any feedback would be helpful.



Prime Creator

Photography is art, and it is subjective. Also, what a better way to discover one's style and aesthetic other than experimenting. We all experiment, but in different ways. I've been shooting basketball with every lens I have and finally settled on which ones that says it's me who took the shoot.

You could also add time of the day and weather to your experiment. A lens can change an image and it might be impactful, but the light is the greatest factor. After all, the science of photography is capturing light, and the art is how to shape that light on the subject and brig out its potential for magnificent work.

Prime Creator

Yep! I often shoot a scene with a wide, mid and long lens! 

THIS IS THE WAY! I do the same thing

Main view, then wide view