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Show me your favorite couples/wedding portrait?

Top Contributor

I love using this pose with a wide angle lens and shooting waist up. I'm using the Sony 24-70mm F2.8 GMii. Posing Tip: The male partner was a lot taller, to make this pose work I told him to spread his legs to lower his position about 4 inches. 

This was the first time shooting a couple's session in Banff, Canada. A breath-taking environment with the teal blue water and majestic mountains can't be beat! Such a joy to be able to shoot landscape portraits. I'm typically in urban locations. SRL05004-Edit.jpg


Prime Creator

I love this pose - especially how you have his shoulders turned into her slightly. I use the 24-70 gm quite a bit also, but I think I still get a bit scared of getting too close when I'm using it at 24mm. Any chance you remember how much you were zoomed in (if at all) and about how far away from the couple you were?

I think i was at 24mm- have to keep dead center for minimal lens distortion!