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Social Media Question: Is better technology making it easier for our work to get stolen?

Prime Creator

I have noticed that upscaling software has become VERY good. I have used enlarging software for years to upsize images for stock, but now I see that a pretty low res image on IG can be blown up huge easily. Every year, the software gets better. Do any of you worry that sharing on social will cut into your profits of print sales? Do you worry about nefarious people stealing and selling your images? I have had people reach out and admit they have taken my images to use and I think many people don't even see the harm in it. 


Leading Creator

Great question Caroline and one that I ask myself all the time as I am very active on social media sites. Bottom line: if you put it out there, expect it to be stolen. Try a reverse Google Image search and you'll be blown away. Eastern European countries constantly steal my work but how do I go after them? Russia is #1 in theft of my work. People ask me about watermarking my images. I used to but recently stopped as it takes less than 30 seconds in PS with Content Aware to remove them so what is the point? On the other hand, most people who attend my workshops first find me on social media - so it is a double-edged sword. Bottom line, I put it out there.

Yes, double-edged sword for sure! 

Prime Creator

Both easier to steal and easier to find the theft

tis true!