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Sony 14mm GM for Action Sports Photography


Hey! Wondering if anyone has used the 14mm for action sports photography... I shoot a lot of mountain biking & skiing. I want to add an ultra wide lens to the kit to mix up the looks and get that different feel then just the long lens. I have played with the 16-35 GM, 20mm, and Zeiss 18mm. The 20 and 18 were not wide enough to really make dramatic images in the woods. The 16mm end of the 16-35 was good but shooting what I do having a light small kit is key. Was thinking the 14mm would fit the bill but there isn't a lot of reviews out there with people using that lens for action sports work. What do you all think!


Community Manager
Community Manager

I've done a few things with the E 10-18mm F4 OSS (SEL1018) which is for APS-c sensors but can be used on any E-mount camera. Sorry I don't have any action shots handy to share. Definitely gets some unique angles, but you need to be CLOSE. It can suffer some edge distortion depending on the scenario (the 14mm will be much better here) but that may be part of the look you are seeking. Biking I think would be great - you can get close in to a jump or turn on the track. Same with jumping/trick snow sports. For downhill I'm not sure you would be close enough to the subject to make much of a difference from the other lenses you mention.

The 14mm G-Master will definitely be higher quality and of course be full-frame. The 10-18mm will be smaller and lighter.

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I actually shoot sports and have the 14mm f/1.8 GM lens. Although it is a solid lens and does work for sports and action, it doesn't fit into my workflow and "style". It's sitting in its box and not being used.

There is a thread here discussing the portraits with the lens, which can fit into parts of the action theme if you want to show the athletes.