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Sony a1 is Awesome for Both Landscape and Action

Key Contributor

One of the key aspects I really love about the Sony a1 is the ability to change quickly from photographing landscapes to action. I had just captured a setting sun over a bay with lit clouds when this flock of cormorants flew overhead in front of this sunset-lit cloud. With a flick of a dial I was shooting 30fps and nailed both images - how cool is that? How many of you are finding multiple uses for the a1. With 40+ years of pro work under my belt, I can confidently say this is the best camera I have ever worked with!



Leading Creator

Yup, the A1 is one of my favorites too! Not sure how Sony can top it!! Ha. 

I'm sure they will Drew - they just keep amazing us!

Prime Creator

I don’t have this camera yet, but tried it at Kando. It is freaking amazing! I’m so impressed with its versatility. 

Leading Creator

I agree. I kept my previous cameras around for about a year after, and I just never reached for one of them at any point, no matter what the photo shoot was.