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Sony A1 or the new A7R5?


Such a hard decision here..

The Sony A7R5 just has a lot of crazy advancements... if thats the LCD screen Resolution... or it's tilt action to the dynamic range... the A7R5 is just really promising. 

However the A1 is the flagship. 

Anyways, what do you all think?


Mover & Shaker

Depends on what you want to use it for. I do sports and birds, and just got the RV. First time out in the field with it shooting hawks, owls, etc. I found that the initial grab of a subject is certainly slower than the A1 and can be quite finicky at times. Once it has the subject, though, it's very sticky it seems. 10fps vs 30fps is quite the change, but you can still capture some cool moments. It certainly won't be replacing my A1 with regards to fast action sports or even most birds in flight but it's a joy to use as a second body or as a main body for more still/slower moving subjects. The extra resolution is also fun. 

Highly depends on what you shoot and your budget. If you want to shoot everything and anything, the Alpha 1 (Alpha1)  is for you!

If you are mostly shooting landscapes and want to keep the budget lower, then go with the Alpha 7R V (Alpha7RV)  🙂

Prime Creator

I agree with Zurotography, it depends on your needs. What do feel is lacking in your workflow? For example, I have the A9II and A7RIV. I shoot sports and portraits and they both cover my needs. But the AF in the A7RV is what I need for sports, but that camera is too slow for sports (in my opinion). It would fit my portrait work though. The A1 would cover both my works, but I would feel I'm missing on some of the new bells and whistles the A7RV has. My conclusion, for my work, is I already have excellent bodies and will continue to use them and wait for an A1II in the future.

One more thing, with the A7RV you'd still have more than $2000 for a lens or two.

Prime Creator

What are you shooting and which features are most important to you?  I have both and love them for different reasons. The #a7rv is a tremendous portrait camera, but also has a lot of features that work extremely well for other genres. Sports photographers swear by the #a1.