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Sony a6000: 8 years later


If anyone is looking for a photography camera that can go the distance, the Sony a6000 is an excellent choice. I got my Sony a6000 8 years ago and it is the only camera I have ever owned. At the time of buying, mirrorless cameras were still in their infancy and I wasn’t sure which one to get. I can safely say I made the right choice and have not regretted choosing the Sony a6000. I’ve gotten more mileage out of this camera than I could’ve hoped for and 10 years later and it still has great performance and is not technologically outdated. I’m thinking about upgrading to the fx3 or fx30 and my needs have shifted for towards cinematography, but as far as photography goes, the Sony a6000 is more than amazing


Prime Creator

That is awesome to hear! I gave my a6000 to my niece to learn on and she is still using it (she's 11 now) and doing great with it. It is a great all around camera for anyone!