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Sony A7R IV and Sony A7R V handheld for Landscapes


I have used the Sony A7riv for Landscape Photography since its release in July 2019. As a sturdy, well balanced lens with built-in camera stabilization, I’m able to capture tack sharp images while shooting handheld, even while the shutter speed is .6 of a second. I’m sure you’re saying “ why don’t you just use a tripod Chad?!”. Well, as a travel photographer I try to minimize as much equipment I want to carry around. I have found I can be more creative with angles and get more shots without having to set up and be locked into a specific angle and height when shooting with a tripod. Don’t get me wrong, I still use a tripod when doing long shutter speed shots for anything longer than .6 seconds. Over the years I have tried many different ways to stabilize the camera and my body so I can eliminate as much camera shake as possible. Hand placement on the lens/camera is important, and using objects to use as support will help you lower that shutter speed and be able to move around more to capture those tack sharp landscape images. I will be doing an episode on my YouTube channel soon to show how I stabilize myself and my Alpha 7R IV (a7RIV) to be able to eliminate the need to carry around a tripod while searching for that perfect shot. 
With the release of the new Alpha 7R V (Alpha7RV) and the improved in camera stabilization, I can even get that shutter speed lower to almost 3 seconds and still have sharp images! 



Prime Creator

Three seconds handheld with the a7RV, that is amazing!

The new stabilization in the A7RV is amazing! It takes some good stabilization of your arms and if you can use something to lean against,  you can slow the shutter speed down pretty far compared to the ARIV.  I don’t like to carry a tripod on long hikes, and have always enjoyed the freedom of being able to get different angles and move around more doing handheld for daytime landscapes.