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Sony a7rv battery grip bad fit!

I recently bought the A7rv with a new grip and found that the grip did not fit and later found out that that is an issue with the current grip sold and said to fit as per the Sony Corporate, but I can tell you that after taking it back to Precision Camera in Austin Texas I was told that I was among numerous a7rv owners advising that the battery grip fitment was off. I had a gap that I was able to see through. Was wondering if anyone out there in the Sony Universe had the same issue if and when tried with a battery grip on the new a7rv camera. There is a big thread on DP Review regarding this issue. Hope it gets fixed soon and maybe this site has a direct link to Sony engineers that could be contacted. Thanks to anyone who can help. 



I have a similar problem.   It is very narrow, but exists.   I can see light through it.   I was wondering if it might effect the weather seal on the portion that goes up inside the camera where the contacts are.  I was considering putting a layer of waterproof foam gasket in the space.