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Sony Cameras


I Have to say after purchasing my third Sony camera (A7III,A7IV,A7RIV) and surviving the growing pains of the older and newer menu systems that this will be my system I use for some personal and professional use for a very long time. Sony is the only camera company that I see actually caters to the consumers need and wants and just keeps evolving.Excited to see what's next A9III? 



I agree with KameraKev. I started with Sony years ago with Nex 5N, passed through many up to A6600. I bought my first Sony full frame (A7r3) a couple of years ago for bird, landscape and city shots. I sold my A6600 to buy the A7c, which is my travel and street camera. Sony has made the transition seamless. VERY happy with results and how much I have learned over the years.