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Sony Documentary Photographers!

Rising Star

Let's see your favorite images and talk about your favorite gear for documenting real-life moments. I primarily shoot weddings, so I'll eventually share some of that work. But my favorite thing to document is my own family. Each year I document them every day for 50 straight days as a personal project. Below are links to the resulting slideshows for the three years I've done it so far! 

Can't wait to see everyone else has to share! 

2020 - 50 Days of Quarentine

2021 - 50 Days of Spring

2022 - 50 Days of Summer

Every image in these slideshows was taken on the Sony a9 paired with my Sony 24mm f1.4 GM. A handful are taken on the Sony a1 while I had it on loan. Then there are a very small few that are taken on the Sony 35mm f1.4 CZ and maybe one image on the Sony 85mm f1.8. But if you are not sure when looking, chances are it was taken at 24mm 🙂