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Sony Wildlife Photographers Super Thread!!


If you love of photographing wildlife, no matter if we are talking wild Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears or simply your pets at home, you have come to the right place! Here you can introduce yourself, ask questions about gear, settings, destinations or even species-specific topics as well.

Sony a1 w/ 600mm f/4 GMSony a1 w/ 600mm f/4 GM

While I photograph a wide variety of subjects as a Sony Ambassador, Wildlife Photography is truly where my passion is these days. I am constantly traveling around the globe, working on new projects or leading wildlife-focused photography workshops. Two months ago, I was filming a brand new video series with Sony & B&H Photo in Ecuador, which will be released soon) and I just got back from Brazil, where I was tracking and photographing Jaguars in the Pantanal region near the Amazon. Next up for me is a trip back to Uganda for Silverback Gorillas before wrapping up the year with projects in Namibia with Cheetahs and Bald Eagles up in Alaska. While this busy schedule keeps me busy, I will try to keep coming back to this thread and community to keep answering your questions and checking out what everyone has to share!

Colby Brown
Colby Brown Photography
IG: ColbyBrownPhotography


Colby! Thanks for being here cheering us on!